Postpartum Counseling



Becoming a new mommy can be the most wonderful yet terrifying experience of your life.  I work with new moms experiencing anxiety, depression, and adjusting to motherhood either for the first time or after multiple children.

I can assist you with understanding and managing postpartum depression and anxiety, coping with "excessive mommy guilt", intregating self care, and decreasing social isolation. In addition, I help working moms transition from maternity leave back to work.   


Postpartum Depression/Anxiety is Hard on any Marriage!

Research shows that 67% of couples report declining marital happiness after having a baby (Shapiro, Gottman, & Carrere 2000).  This is without facing postpartum depression/anxiety. 
The truth is without paying close attention to your partnership each individual will eventually gravitate away from each other. Sometimes this is done out of anger or despair.  Whatever the motivating force may be one or both partners sink into a private space leaving no room, no energy, and no interest in the other partner.  This impasse can be fatal to the marriage.  
Even without depression, the postpartum period will challenge each and any marriage with stressors of unprecedented proportion.  You already know how sleep deprivation, unpredictability, idealistic expectations, and a new baby can combine in a destructible fashion.  When we factor in postpartum depression/anxiety into the mix of two individuals trying to make sense out meeting each other’s needs, it can get messy pretty fast.  

Some common statements that partners who are struggling with postpartum depression/anxiety in their marriage are:


o    I am surprised on how empty I feel.
o    I did not expect to feel abandoned by my partner.
o    I thought these persistent feelings of anger and/or sadness would have    lessened by now.
o    I know my partner loves me but I just don’t feel it. 
o    I wish I wasn’t so bitter.
o    I miss the way things used to be.
o    I worry that things will never feel good between us again. 
o    I blame myself for the distance in our marriage. 
o    I wonder of our marriage is worth the effort to fix things. 
o    I blame my partner for the distance in our marriage. 
o    I am surprised by the lack of awareness regarding my feelings. 
o    I am disappointed by how we respond to each other when we need each other the most. 
o    I thought my partner would have been more understanding.  



I'm here to help you maintain a strong emotional and physical bond with your partner in the midst of postpartum depression/anxiety.  I utilize a variety of research based interventions that are geared towards increasing healthy communication, building friendship, maintaining intimacy and sustaining romance.